Aurora Borealis Forecast and local Weather

The aurora forecast is really not so important as many think. Here at the Aurora Borealis Observatory we care more about weather forecast. The aurora forecast is basically just a prediction and you alway need a clear sky to see the aurora borealis. We are located on one of the best locations in the north when it comes to clear skies and therefore we care mostly about weather. If the weather is good and we have clear skies then we normally see the aurora 9 out of 10 days.

Even though the aurora forecast is not what we care most about we have in collaboration with Aurora Live, specially developed a system for notifying when the northern lights are displayed in the sky above the resort. Read More

Live Aurora Camera - Facing North

NB: More and more data and aurora cameras will be added

Aurora forecast prediction

Moon phase vs aurora forecast vs weather forecast

Visible part of the moon: 34%
Current moon phase: Waning Crescent
Northern Lights Activities at the aurora borealis observatory

Combine relaxation and great fun

One of the best aurora borealis locations in the world

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