Northern Lights Activities

Activities at the resort

Now that we are back to normal operations, we are working in new activities at the resort every week. We have many northern lights activities at the Aurora Borealis Observatory in the outdoor on location section. None of these activities must be pre-booked. You will get all the information about this after your arrival as it is easier to show an overview of current activities while you are visiting us as long as the weather permits, we do the following daily:

– Tour around Senja (National Scenic Route)

– Walk up to the lookout point under the northern lights where mulled wine and small surprises are served

– Ice fishing in nearby waters

– Northern lights excursion to nearby water/river for reflection

– Reindeer & wild animal excursion

– Get a photo taken of yourself under the northern lights

External Options

In addition to local activities on the resort and activities provided by ourselves, we offer amazing activities from our collaborators, and recommended activity providers. Best way is to book directly with our collaborators. The Tromso City day trip is a non-guided tour but we suggest what to do in Tromsofor a day trip and you take the express boat both ways so you get enough time to see Tromso City.

Northern Lights Activities at the aurora borealis observatory

Combine relaxation and great fun

One of the best aurora borealis locations in the world

Our main goal is that you can see the aurora while staying here. You can also explore the culture of Senja Island and enjoy many other activities. Enjoy the silence and lovely atmosphere where your well-being is in focus. Our goal is to create the best Aurora Borealis experience. 

After all Northern lights activities you can enjoy a warm soup, hot chocolate, espresso, a glass of wine etc. Simply walk down to our Bar or Tipi Lounge and enjoy the rest of the evening. This is by far one of the best ways to relax after a long day with amazing experiences.

Northern Lights Activities on Location / Handled by ourselves

Since we are located on a small little hill with amazing surroundings we also offer on location activities. You can enjoy Photo classes, learn about astronomy and aurora, go on hikes to our different viewpoints, simple skiing when we have snow and start the national scenic route from here. If you want to experience the city of Tromsø we recommend a day trip, as this is super simple in terms of logistics.

In our own restaurant & bar we also offer relaxing but great concerts now and then.

Northern Lights Activities provided by our collaborators

For those who wants more action we are also proud to say that we can offer the best providers in the nearby area. We only offer the most popular ones and all our collaborators will pick you up before the activity, and bring you back to the resort after. Most popular activities from our collaborators have been husky, mountain hikes and snowmobile.