Covid-19 Information

November 30th news: Travel to Norway!

Vaccinated / Unvaccinated:

  • Vaccinated visitors, Testing and requirements at the border: People over the age of 16 must now fill in the registration form when entering Norway, even if they have been vaccinated. No testing and no quarantine.

  • Unvaccinated visitors, Testing and requirements at the border: People over the age of 18 without a valid corona certificate must show a negative test taken before they arrived in Norway. Anyone who does not have a valid certificate must also be tested after arrival, regardless of age.


Norway is open too all countries:

  • Norway is open for entry for all foreigners who have a valid corona certificate / (covid documentation)

  • No quarantine for vaccinated people or people who have had corona

  • There will now be a requirement that all entrants, as a general rule, must register in the entry registration system. Exceptions are made for children under 16 years of age and selected groups. All entrants have a duty to present such confirmation and any corona certificate to the police at check-in.

Yes, Yes Yes - Amazing news! September 24th, Norway is OPEN !!

Norway finally opens! Due to high vaccination status and few serious cases, Corona is no longer defined as a socially critical disease in Norway.  
Now *all vaccinated people from all over the world, who have been vaccinated with approved vaccines, can finally visit us again. * The only thing left is that the system for electronic registration of vaccine status is updated globally – This happens continuously. 
Brief summary regarding entry to Norway:
  • Vacinated people do not need to be quarantined.
  • Children under the age of 18 shall not have a quarantine obligation upon entry. Children are encouraged (but not required) to test themselves with PCR or antigen rapid test three days after arrival.
  • Children’s test obligation at the border is maintained.
  • No requirements for testing while you are in Norway
*Make sure to check rules and regulations for your country if you travel before November 1st.
* Most countries are working hard on completion and most countries that have come a long way in their vaccination programs have this in place by 1 November.

Update of September 2nd, 2021 - Press Conference

Norway will most likely be fully opened late September: 
If the good vaccination trend that is now continues, Norway will be open to all travelers at the end of September. Norway has today decided that relatives and girlfriends from countries outside the EU may visit their loved ones. This is valid from September 12.
Now it is safe to book our resort for people outside EU as well. If needed we will still be very flexible in terms of postponing your trip.

Update of August 12th, 2021

Norway is now open for English corona passports: 
This means that people who have been fully vaccinated with EMA-approved vaccines or have had corona in the last six months, and who live in England or Wales, can travel freely into Norway.
No need for quarantine, test before arrival, test at the border or other requirements to register upon entry.

Update of July 28th, 2021

Norway is the best place to be: 
Europe has caught up—and in some instances surpassed—the U.S. on inoculation as well as reopening, which is increasingly proving key to the path toward normalization. Norway is the new No. 1 in Bloomberg’s Covid Resilience Ranking, with enough shots administered to cover almost half its population, few new fatalities and its borders unsealed

Update of June 11th, 2021

BREAKING NEWS: The European Parliament gives the green light to digital corona passports in the EU. If you have been vaccinated or have had corona, you can travel to us freely, without the requirement for quarantine or testing for viruses on arrival in Norway!
MEPs agreed that EU countries can not have their own travel rules such as quarantine, isolation and testing of people who have fit, unless it is necessary and proportionate to protect public health.
A step towards free movement:
All EU countries must accept vaccine passports from other member states, which apply to vaccines approved by the European Medicines Agency (EMA), according to the report, but member states can choose and also approve vaccines approved by the World Health Organization (WHO).
“Today, Parliament has accelerated the return of free movement and a fully functional Schengen while continuing to fight this pandemic,” said Juan Fernando López Aguilar, chair of the Civil Liberties Committee.
SAFE TO VISIT: It is safe to book with us for upcoming aurora season! 
The safety and security of our guests is our highest priority these days. In order to create optimal safety for our guests and of course also for our employees, we have supplemented our usual procedures and routines with the following special initiatives
  • Naturally, we follow all recommendations and guidelines from the Norwegian government.
  • All employees have received detailed information about COVID-19 and instructions based on government recommendations.
  • Stands and bottles of hand sanitizer are freely available to guests and staff in all common areas and facilities.
  • We ensure all exposed surfaces, such as door handles, payment terminals etc are continuously disinfected with antibacterial liquid.
  • We have clear procedures for dealing with colleagues who may show signs of illness – obviously, they do not come to work.
  • We will of course contact the health authorities immediately and launch a coordinated action plan, if we discover a case of Coronavirus at the Aurora Borealis Observatory.


Facilities and Restaurant at Aurora Borealis Observatory

  • All apartments, rooms and suites have their own common areas. We are a small resort with a lot of space so it will never feel crowded.
  • We offer breakfast buffet in our restaurant every day.
  • Room service is also possible in case of self-isolation
  • The restaurant is open every day and we make sure that our guests have a lot of space.
  • Jacuzzis are open and all our guests can order separate times
  • All food and beverages must be consumed either in the restaurants or in the room.
  • Our outdoor areas are  big and you can keep a safe distance to all other guests.
  • Facemasks should be worn where required.
  • Aurora Borealis Observatory complies with all government recommendations regarding distance and maximum number of people gathered in one place.
  • Refreshments in conjunction with meetings are served in portions as take-away meals. Food and drinks should be consumed when seated in the meeting room.