Aurora borealis holiday Norway
Welcome to the Aurora Borealis Observatory
The place for those with Northern lights on the bucket list

One of the best Aurora Borealis holiday locations

Not only in Norway, but in the whole world 

Stay on location with amazing view towards the fantastic aurora dance
Have a comfortable Aurora Borealis holiday, up at our small family run resort. Participate in all the wonderful activities during the day and finally enjoy the Northern Lights in the evening.
We certainly LOVE aurora and are therefore only open during aurora season
It is difficult to predict which month is better than others. However late August to mid April, you have a pretty good chance of seeing the Aurora. Above all we love the Northern Lights and specialize in this.
No need to chase the Aurora Borealis from the inside of a car/bus
First of all. If you don't want a classic aurora chase sitting 6-8 hours in a car then this is the place for you. In other words, you are already in one of the best aurora locations in the world. 

October is 70% filled up + rest of 2019/2020 season filling fast

Aurora Borealis holiday
Mini Observatories - sustainable tourism
In collaboration with Award-Winning architect Stinessen Architecture
We continuously develop our sustainable / responsible planning and management.
In collaboration with Stinessen Architecture, we create buildings and great experiences without unnecessary intervention in existing nature.

"In recent years, Stinessen has been awarded more than 40 highly-acclaimed international architecture / interior architecture / design awards for its projects and architecture, including the 6x architecture's Oscar, including Best Hotels and Resorts and several sustainable architecture awards"

Have a look at Stinessens work here

(project with mini observatories under construction)
certificate of excellence

Aurora Borealis Season

  • Late August - November
  • December - Mid March
  • Mid march - Mid April
We open the resort after summer holidays in late August. However August and September are months to enjoy the Northern Lights. Combined with stunning sunset colors on the horizon. In addition, this period until December is "autumnal" months. As a result, no snow. Above all: This is a fantastic period, first of all characterized by a lot of northern lights.
December to mid-March is usually the time when we have snow at the aurora borealis observatory. The period is colder and when you have a lot of snow, however the landscape is usually all white and pretty. With a lot of snow and cold weather, you can get ready to experience the winter wonderland. Enjoy your Aurora Borealis holiday during snowy months. 
Finally we return to the period with Northern Lights, on top of fantastic sunset colors on the horizon. The period is characterized by cold weather but much brighter days, due to the fact that polar nights is over. As a result, we are probably fully booked 6 months prior.
(length of aurora season)
Happy Guests
(Per Month average)
90% +
Succes Rate
(for all guests last season)

October is 70% filled up + rest of 2019/2020 season filling fast

At the Aurora Borealis Observatory you have access to

 We are soon opening a brand new Aurora Lounge at a total of 140 square meters with amazing panoramic view. This is going to be the most comfy aurora waiting area on Senja island. (opening Nov 15th)   
Christmas at the aurora borealis observatory
The lounge area is built inside an old goat farm. A very unique area where you will have breakfast. Some days when fully booked we also serve dinner. On 2nd and 3rd floor we are opening the bar and relax area. 
Aurora Borealis at the aurora borealis observatory in Norway
The building is a modernization from the Sami culture and we are very proud of it. So, enjoy culture in a comfy way. It look small, but can seat 40 people easily.
Jacuzzi Area
We can never guarantee the weather or the northern lights, therefore we have designed comfortable waiting areas. Enjoy the jacuzzi area while waiting for the aurora or simply to relax.

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This is just a small teaser of all the activities.
Go to the menu item "activities" or press the button below to see all the activities we and our providers offer.
Comfortable ride
Custom built bus and Princess 50
Experience as much as possible during your stay
Most of our guests are here for the Northern Lights as a bucket list item. Senja is, however, packed with fantastic mountains and fjords. We want you to experience as much as possible, in the best possible way. That's why we have a custom built "glass panorama bus" and a 50 foot Princess.

Read more about our activities and have a look at pictures of our bus / boat here

Adrien explaining aurora borealis photography
Photo Classes
With our Award-Winning photographer Adrien Mauduit from Night Lights Films
Watching the Northern Lights is a wonderful experience. If you have a dream of learning or taking great pictures home with you, on the memory card. Then it is possible to attend one of the most amazing photo courses, that no other locations can offer.

Our award-winning photographer, Adrien Mauduit, from Night Lights Films, will teach you the basics. Get ready to take amazing pictures of the night sky. This is a highly recommended course for anyone wishing to understand how to photograph at night. Combine your Aurora Borealis holiday in Norway with some great learning. All classes will be at the aurora borealis observatory.

Have a look at Adriens work here

Apartments / Services

Experience the Northern Lights at our small family driven resort in Norway - the Aurora Borealis Observatory holiday resort.
One of few places where you can enjoy the aurora directly from the apartment window. So no need to go chasing the lights, because you are on location
Panoramic View
All of our apartments have panoramic view towards the spectacular “Aurora Dance”.
High Speed WiFi
We have fiber cable (high speed internet, 500/500) in all the apartments.
Breakfast Included
In our barn you get a simple breakfast (no warm dishes) We normally open the breakfast around 9am. Some nights when there is high aurora activity breakfast open later so you get enough sleep
Fully equipped kitchen
All of our apartments have a fully equipped kitchen, with a Nespresso coffee machine and a water boiler. The Nespresso capsules and tea is included in the apartment price.
Shuttle service
Our shuttle cars will take you to the city for shopping and other activities. Shuttle times vary from day to day depending on activities / weather..
In the town of Finnsnes you will find several good restaurants. Daily transportation to the city. Eat at the restaurant or take the food back to the apartment.

Available units at our resort

We only specialize in Northern Lights. Because of this, all units are perfectly located for the best Northern Lights experience.
All units are located in areas without light pollution and have a 360 degree wide-angle view.
Aurora Apartments (10 units)
Apartments for those who really want to experience the Northern Lights in the best way. Here you can enjoy the aurora experience with fantastic views directly to the northern lights.
Luxury Apartment (1 unit)
Enjoy the aurora with fantastic views directly from the bed, living area, kitchen table, private jacuzzi or the porch. The apartment has a private fireplace as well.
The old farm house
The old farm house
The old farmhouse is ideal for those who want plenty of space with a good view. This was where it all started. As a result , the house is modernized and keeps very good standard.
Aurora Mansion (on request)
350 square meters with 2 northern lights panorama observation rooms, private jacuzzi, 4 living rooms etc. For the ultimate aurora borealis experience, relaxation and privacy. Perfect for bigger families / groups.
aurora borealis holiday Norway
Luxury Studio Apartment (1 unit)
UNDER CONSTRUCTION: Will be ready for upcoming aurora season. Very high standard, amazing view with big panoramic windows. Fully equipped kitchen and outdoor private jacuzzi. 

The place for those with Aurora Borealis on the bucket list

Price from
USD 460 per unit, per night
Price from 4200 NOK, usd price is a estimate, currency exchange update 22/9-19
Free access to jacuzzi area / tipi / lounge etc
Borrow warm coverall in case you travel light
You will be notified when the aurora appears - never miss action
Shuttle service at fixed times to get to the city centre for shopping etc
Activities such as skiing, snowshoeing, sledding (toboggan) and reindeer feeding
Pickup at bus terminal (Best Silsand) if you arrive to (BDU) or at the boat terminal if you come from Tromsø
Transportation back to bus / boat terminal on departure day also included
PS: Remember that you are already on location so no need to book extra aurora chase

* check in after 15.00 (when we are fully booked) - You can of course come stay in the glass domes / waiting areas if you arrive early

We are located on Senja Island - Norway

Far north of the Arctic Circle lies Senja, the fairytale island, where the majestic Northern Light and beautiful nature is located.
Senja is Norway’s second largest island, close to Tromsø City and only five hours from spectacular Lofoten.

You are welcomed by an impressive blend of sea, mountains and beaches. The coast of the island has sculptural mountains and colourful fishing villages in sheltered coves.
The nature is full of contrasts depending on the season, with the midnight sun and the Northern Light.

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How to get here

Travel to Oslo Airport Gardermoen (OSL) from your destination. From Oslo Airport you can travel to Bardufoss Airport (BDU) or Tromsø Airport (TOS). We recommend that you travel to Bardufoss Airport with Norwegian Airlines since it is closer to the hotel.
If you arrive at Bardufoss Airport, take the shuttle bus to the bus terminal. There is one shuttle bus for every arrival and you buy your ticket on the bus. We will pick you up at the bus terminal, which is included in the price. This is a 1 hour and 15 minute drive.
If you arrive in Tromsø you can also easily arrange a tour with the express boat, going from Tromsø to Finnsnes. This is a very easy solution and a very scenic route. We will then pick up (included) at the boat terminal in Finnsnes.
IMPORTANT: When you fly to Bardufoss there is a shuttle bus to all arriving flights. The bus will wait until all passengers have their luggage. There is also a shuttle bus to all departures.

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