Welcome to the Aurora Borealis Observatory

Aurora Borealis Holiday Senja Norway

The place for those with Northern Lights on the bucket list

Northern lights Holiday on Senja, Norway

Welcome to the Aurora Borealis Observatory

One of the best aurora borealis locations in the world

Aurora Borealis Holiday

When booking your dream aurora borealis holiday, it is important to know that the location is good for aurora. We claim that this is one of the best northern lights locations in the whole world. The staff working here really understand aurora, and make sure you get the best possible experience. The northern lights are weather dependent and if weather is bad for aurora, you can enjoy your time in our restaurant & bar along with other activities.

You are already on location and as long as weather is good and the aurora dance, you will see it. Because of this you dont have to go on a classic “chasing the northern lights tour” from bus or car. Our eminent hosts and our automated alerting system will also make sure you never miss out on any action.

While staying here you can also explore the culture of Senja Island. Enjoy the silence and lovely atmosphere where your well-being is in focus. Our goal is to create the best Aurora Borealis experience.  

Aurora Borealis Observatory

Fjösn Restaurant & Bar – Simple and good food

We are proud to say that we have one of the most cozy restaurants & bars in Northern Norway. Since we are specializing on aurora borealis the restaurant have big windows. This is to make sure that you dont miss out on any northern lights activity. Because of this you can enjoy a good dinner, a glass of wine or a drink and get notified if the aurora appear. Restaurant is in walking distance to all units.

The kitchen holds good standard and our chef will make sure you get a good and varied menu for your whole stay. In addition we try to keep the price low and all our staying guests always get a table without any need of reservations.

Rooms & Suites

All our apartments, rooms and suites have panoramic view towards the spectacular aurora dance. Not only do they have amazing view. They also have some of the biggest windows, and you can therefore enjoy the aurora the best possible way. Room size varies from 32 m2 – 150 m2. The normal apartments hold a good standard and the luxury units holds a very high standard. Some of our luxury units even have a private outdoor hot tub and fireplace.

Aurora Borealis holiday

Create Memories during your aurora borealis holiday

The beauty of being at the aurora borealis observatory is that we try to make sure that your holiday turns out in the best possible way. If the weather is good and the northern lights dance, we ensure that you do not miss the northern lights and get pictures if you wish. 

Sustainable Tourism

The Aurora Borealis Observatory is a small family driven resort located at Senja Island in Northern Norway. The resort are owned and operated by Anders Hanssen, Kristine Hanssen Kjosnes and Magnus Hanssen. It is safe to say that we love the aurora and we feel lucky and blessed being able to live at such prime location. Conservation and sustainable use of resources- natural, social and cultural up here at the Aurora Borealis Observatory and Senja Island, is very important for us.  Read More:

The Aurora Borealis Observatory is for those who really want to experience nature, silence and to get total relaxation, while hopefully enjoying the amazing Aurora Borealis.

Enjoy your Aurora Borealis Holiday

Exciting News for 2023/2024 Season

Restaurant & Bar Senja Norway

A la carte menu

Our own restaurant, Fjosn, expands the concept and offers an a la carte menu and a separate children’s menu. This means that you can eat at the resort every day during your entire stay

Room service

After a long journey, it is certainly tempting to have a proper dinner/snack in the room – or simply just to enjoy the view from the room on certain days. Enjoy our own room service menu.

Restaurant & Bar Senja Norway

Mini bar

We are happy to offer a minibar with wine, beer, soft drinks and simple snacks. Staying with us should be easy and comfortable and now you can enjoy it to the fullest. 

In addition, we do the following:

We are expanding with more offers and we would like to mention that there will be more activities and things to do at the resort. We will also offer transport from Finnsnes for everyone (including booking.com reservations) so that it will be easier to get here. This transport can be booked directly with us. Stay tuned, we will update with more exciting news later.