Restaurant & Bar Senja Norway



Restaurant & Bar Senja, Norway

Fjösn Restaurant and Bar Senja Norway is built inside an old barn which has been completely renovated. We have combined the original, cultural character with large glass surfaces and a “New York Loft” style. Inside the building, we also have production facilities for local, fresh and good products that we use directly into our Fine Dining concept.

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Restaurant & Bar Senja Norway

Fjösn Restaurant

If you want a better lunch or dinner, or simply just a glass of wine or similar then this is the place. Here you can enjoy good, local products in a quiet environment.

Restaurant & Bar Senja Norway

Fjösn Bar

Enjoy a beer, a glass of wine, whiskey, cognac or something else then this is the place. We have a good selection and a fantastic atmosphere in Fjösn bar.

Restaurant & Bar Senja Norway

Local Produce

We believe that local products based on fresh ingredients are the best way to go. For us, it is about delivering the best possible quality in all dishes we serve our guests.

Restaurant & Bar Senja Norway

Fjösn Breakfast

Our chef make sure you get fresh baked bread and local produce together with egg, omelette, sausage, bacon and other various warm alternatives.

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Afternoon Tea & Brunch

Most days you can enjoy tea, coffee, wine or champagne with our delicious cakes and pastries. A late brunch with specialties from our kitchen is always well received by our guests.


Tipi Lounge

In our tipi lounge we run a different and rougher bar closer to the elements. If there is wind and snow, you will notice that it is only a thin cloth that separates you from the weather.



In Fjösn restaurant & bar you can pamper a special person with an excellent dinner in a fantastic atmosphere. Enjoy our Norwegian-inspired menu that reflects the culinary love that is the heart and soul of our restaurant. Our menus change with the seasons and depend on the availability of ingredients. Per year we have 6-8 menus + our 5- 7- 9- 12- course tasting menus

PS: “We will happily accommodate all dietary restrictions and allergies”

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Restaurant & Bar Senja Norway

Enjoy good food and drinks

One of the best aurora borealis locations in the world

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