Sustainable Tourism

The Aurora Borealis Observatory is a small family driven resort located at Senja Island in Northern Norway. The resort are owned and operated by Anders Hanssen, Kristine Hanssen Kjosnes and Magnus Hanssen. It is safe to say that we love the aurora and we feel lucky and blessed being able to live at such prime location. Conservation and sustainable use of resources- natural, social and cultural up here at the Aurora Borealis Observatory and Senja Island, is very important for us.

The Aurora Borealis Observatory is for those who really want to experience nature, silence and to get total relaxation, while hopefully enjoying the amazing Aurora Borealis.

At Aurora Borealis Observatory, we have had a strong focus on the environment and sustainability since we started. We have plans for cleaning / washing / use of water where we explain to our guests, among other things, why we do NOT change beds or wash rooms every day. This is both in terms of the environment and the economy, both of which are sustainability goals for us. In addition, we own and run our own spring water well system and are therefore careful about how much water we use. We trade with ISO-Certified companies and make sure to use eco-labeled products.

Environment, climate, social conditions and economy are in focus for our operations and we try to protect the environment as much as we can.

Most important of all is that we follow and support fair trade:

Fair Trade:
Through demands for raw material payments, safer working conditions and protection of the environment, production and trade according to Fairtrade standards contribute to a more sustainable agriculture and a better life for farmers and workers in Africa, Asia and Latin America.
Fairtrade is the world’s most famous and recognized certification and labeling scheme for fair trade. Fairtrade facilitates closer contact between raw material-producing farmers and workers, commercial actors who buy and sell the raw materials, and consumers who buy the finished product.

Important focus areas

Eco- Lighthouse Certified

The Eco-Lighthouse program has garnered great acclaim. Eco-Lighthouse, as the first national scheme in Europe, was recognized by the EU in 2017.

Certification 2022

Green Key is a environmental certification scheme for hotels, accommodation and other tourism companies. The purpose is to promote sustainable tourism.

Fair Trade

Through demands for raw material payments, safer working conditions and protection of the environment, production and trade according to Fairtrade standards


We try to run our resort in a way that is as gentle as possible to the environment around us. This is important today and even more important in the future.


Respect should be the norm, regardless of personal feelings. Employees and managers should respect each other as it creates a good work environment.

Clean Water

Safe and readily available water is important for public health, whether it is used for drinking, domestic use, food production or recreational purposes.

Annual Climate and Environment Report

The last updated climate and environmental report is for 2021. We emphasize that the figures will deviate from the normal year as we have had fewer guests in a pandemic than in a normal year. PS: Report in Norwegian!