authentic restaurant with views

authentic restaurant with views: Imagine an old barn from 1967, gourmet food, and northern lights at the same time. Is this even possible? Yes, we turn off the lights in Fjösn Restaurant & Bar up on Aurora Borealis Observatory and voila – there you can see the northern lights dancing while enjoying yourself in the best atmosphere.

authentic restaurant with views

There is really not much else to say other than that this is a wonderful experience. Now this is of course subjective, as it is written by the owners themselves. BUT, there is really no one who can contradict that if you get gourmet food, turn off the interior light, and then have the opportunity to see the northern lights dance. Then it is for sure  a very special experience. Agree? This is really what we call a authentic restaurant with views!


Same Window – Different light at Fjösn Restaurant & Bar


Corona times

We, like everyone else, naturally bleed like all other hotels and resorts in these times. BUT, and that’s a big but. After all, this is not the end of the world. We are so lucky that we have been able to cultivate our passion, calm down a bit and appreciate the simple things. At the same time, we have been so lucky that we were able to stake out our path for the future, here at the resort. We have come to the following conclusion. We want to facilitate fantastic experiences, even when the northern lights are not dancing. Fjösn Restaurant & Bar is the heart of the resort, with good food and good drinks. Here you can really enjoy yourself with those you love. The Northern Lights are still priority 1, but why not have it digg while you wait for it?


We could have written pages up and down thinking about the corona, the restaurant, the northern lights, life here in the north etc. We prefer to let these pictures speak for themselves.


Welcome to Our Restaurant – authentic restaurant with views (Norwegian webpage can be found here)

Fjösn Restaurant & Bar

Fjösn Restaurant & Bar

Fjösn Restaurant & Bar


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