Aurora Borealis Observatory

Influencer collab (Giveaway) 

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Free stay at the ABO - 8 weeks total (8 different influencers), July & August 2021​

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7 days free stay at The Aurora Borealis Observatory Aurora Apartments!

8 weeks in the summer of 2021, we hope to celebrate that we can live and travel a little more normally. We invite 8 different influencers to stay with us for free here at Aurora Borealis Observatory in a content collaboration project. 

We are looking for influencers who are good at: 

– Food photos and food blogging 

– Hotel and accommodation 

– Landscapes, activities and experiences 

We choose 8 influencers from everyone who has liked both accounts who get to stay for 1 week each. Agreements on photo and video material are finally made by email. All 8 who are invited must make their material available to us, for use on the web and in social media. 

If this sounds good, FOLLOW BELOW ACCOUNTS! We look forward inviting you to a truly wonderful stay here in Senja Island – Norway!


7 days free stay at the ABO

To Enter: Follow these accounts
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