Aurora Borealis Observatory

Enjoy Your Stay 

No Need to Stay Cold

Temperatures in the north can be quite low. If the weather is not so cold, it is still good to get hot drinks. We have different options to suit most people.

Hot Chocolate & Sweets

For those who do not like mulled wine, we make hot chocolate with something sweet in our tipi lounge. This is an option that both children and adults appreciate after long days outdoors

Gløgg (mulled wine) in the Tipi

After a long day out in cold weather, it is wonderful to enter the tipi lounge for a cup of Gløgg (mulled wine) to warm up. Our guests always appreciate this, and the tradition lives on.

Intimate Concerts

From time to time we arrange intimate concerts in our restaurant. We do not have a fixed plan for the events but many of our guests are lucky and get to experience local troubadours after dinner.