Winter wonderland on Senja island, Norway

Winter wonderland on Senja Island, Norway

Winter wonderland in Arctic Norway

Each year Senja island turns into a winter wonderland for a few weeks. If you visit us during this time, be prepared for a realm made of dreams.

Within the arctic circle the winters can be harsh with long-lasting violent blizzards. However when the snow storm lets up and passes, it leaves a completely transformed landscape. All the familiar roads, trees, mountains and lakes are buried under a layer of deep snow taking on different sort of weird shapes.

Walking under the full moon

Winter garden in the full moon right behind the observatory

The flimsy birch trees are bending under the weight and look like they are welcoming you into a fairy tale. The moon and the windless atmosphere play such an important role in creating a winter wonderland.

Sick colors and amazing contrast

Sometimes a winter wonderland can only last for a few days. In 2018-2019, we only had about 10 days where the snow stuck to the branches. Senja’s ever-changing weather had the best of this fleeting environment very quickly.

Moon halo

When you experience such a situation, you feel like you actually are in a dream straight from their winter childhood memory. Much like Narnia or Frozen you can just walk through the enchanted frozen forest. Lie down in the scintillating fresh powder looking up at the branches contrasting with the blue sky and the northern lights, and all surrounded by the mountains and the sea.

Full moon above snow covered trees

From the pink sunrises and sunsets of the winter polar days to the ice figures created on the frozen shore by the converging tides, not to mention the incredibly colorful displays of aurora borealis, get ready to experience an uplifting voyage through the magical astroscapes of Northern Norway.

The moon flower behind the Aurora Borealis observatory

Here’s a short timelapse movie to put stars in your eyes. In the meantime make sure to book our resort early to get your spots because we are filling up fast! To experience such a wonderful experience we encourage you to book anytime from mid-December till late February.

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