The first ever live aurora concert at the Aurora observatory

The first ever live aurora concert


live aurora borealis concert


Have you ever heard of a live aurora concert ? That’s normal. It’s because there haven’t been any. Until now…


Violet Road – First band ever to do this

On September 8th2018 the atmospheric conditions were just right. A very lukewarm evening over Northern Norway with just the right amount of chill from the onset Fall. Earlier the very same day we received a phone call from Violet Road, a popular Tromsø-native pop-rock band. They had been following the observatory’s Facebook live streams with great interest for a long time. Indeed they had long been waiting for an opportunity to run a live aurora concert.

Hearing about a possible great aurora display that night we all decided to throw a surprise live session at the aurora borealis observatory for the whole evening. Nevertheless there were a lot of adjustments to make for such a venue. The equipment had to be tested for outside conditions and so did the sound. Even then we were taking a risk because we never know about the aurora. The green lady might decide to show up or bail. Around nine we decided to take a stab at it when some faint green bands appeared on the northern horizon. This first live aurora concert could easily become a failure.

Most amazing experience ever

The result was absolutely spectacular. The five members of the band played a first round comprised of 5 of their popular songs. And guess who decided to join the party in a more dramatic way! The skies lit up with green and purples in the background of a very soft-pop sound. This moment was absolutely magical and first of its kind. It really felt like the music, in sync with the lights, was touching your soul in a very profound way. It’s safe to say that everybody who attended will remember this epic and transformative performance for a very long time! Amazing live aurora concert !

Violet Road performed two rounds live on Facebook and we also recorded some behind to scenes that we transformed into music videos for two songs. You can relive them here:

Keep on running’:


You can also visit their website and follow them on social media here:

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