The 2019-2020 aurora season is near!

The 2019-2020 aurora season is near!

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When does the aurora season 2019-2020?

You need to keep in mind that the aurora can only be seen during complete nighttime, astronomical and nautical twilight. It simply cannot be seen during daytime and civil twilight because the sky is too bright. Our arctic summer spans from May 15thtill the end of July, when we have the midnight sun, meaning the sun never sets. However we do have to be a bit more patient to be able to peak at the green lady. Roughly from July 27thtill August 23rd, the ‘night sky’ still bathes in the bright civil twilight, which is still not enough to make out the green bands. We really have to wait till past August 25thto be able to see something noteworthy. That’s why we usually say that our aurora season starts on September 1st, to make it easier to remember.

2019-2020 season

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What to expect for the new season in terms of aurora?

Despite being at the heart of what we call ‘solar minimum’ where the Sun doesn’t give us many aurora-sparking bursts, our northerly location still give us plenty of occasions to see the lights. Because the observatory is at high geomagnetic latitudes right under the aurora oval (where most of the aurora is created), it generally doesn’t take much for the sky to light up in an explosion of shapes and colors. Besides our area has a microclimate giving them better weather in the winter and in turn aurora experiences. The sky tends to clear up just in time for the big show to be seen by our customers. In 2018 we had a staggering 100% viewing success rate for stays over 4 days, which was of a still very satisfactory 94% in 2019. In fact the observatory was the place in the world where the most corona displays (bright overhead aurora) were recorded last year! If the weather still cooperates during this season (and it can hardly be worse than last year!), we are very confident that we will at least experience as good a season as last year, maybe even better!

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New season, new experiences at the observatory…

In addition to the six apartments that we already have, we are adding three extra facilities to our resort. The apartments can only accommodate up to three people. In 2018 we received a lot of requests asking if people could come with more people, like larger families or friend groups. We thought it was an excellent idea, so we opened three new suites. In 2019-2020, we will at least offer the same set of activities as the previous season. However we will integrate new ones to give even more choice to our guests. A new ice and sea fishing package will we available throughout the season (depending on the weather and the ice of course). We will also provide more photography workshops, along with presentations from our resort manager Adrien. His wide knowledge of science and the surrounding nature will help you learn more about the aurora. On clear night without much aurora, you will also be able to attend open-sky conferences where Adrien makes you discover the night sky and its fascinating stories. More focus will be put on hikes and snowshoe tours as well, either from the observatory or from specific places around the island. The barn will also be completely transformed into a full-time restaurant and activity house, with the possibility to taste local dishes and gaze at the aurora from an all-sky roof!

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A more comprehensive and comprehensible website!

We work really hard to make your experience great from the moment you look us up and book with us. As we constantly receive many questions regarding the aurora, our facilities and activities, and we strive to make a website that is ever more comprehensive and transparent. What you read is absolutely what you get – no gimmick! Everything you need to know is on there. We have received and read all your questions, organized them into themes and answered them into very synthetic but complete sections. It has it all! If you wondered when the best time is to watch the aurora, or how to come to our resort, or even what activity we offer, just make your way to We detailed many practical pieces of info on our downloadable PDFs so that the booking process and the on-site experience can be as smooth and effortless as possible. We really advise for you to regularly check the web page as we also publish our news and also constantly improve the sections with new info and features that might be useful for you.

aurora season 2019-2020

We simply can’t wait for this new season to begin. We really hope to host you and make your stay unforgettable!

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