Strange columns of light

Strange columns of light in the night sky

strange columns of light

Strange columns of light: You might have seen strange pillars of white light rising from the horizon without knowing what it was. Here is all what you need to know about this odd yet mesmerizing nighttime phenomenon.

These pillars are called Zodiacal lights. The Zodiacal lights are a natural astronomical phenomenon that occurs either during the transition of astronomical twilight to night or during the transition between night and astronomical dawn. In the northern hemisphere it appears in the west roughly an hour after sunset or in the east about an hour before sunrise.

strange columns of light

It looks like a faint pyramidal column of light still visible with the naked eye that seems to follow the path of the sun: the ecliptic or the zodiac. It comes from the diffraction of tiny interplanetary dust particles, making them glow with a somewhat diffuse light.

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The twilight zodiacal light is best seen during spring while the dawn Zodiacal Light is best seen in the Fall, and both peak around the equinoxes. A slight moonshine or light pollution wash out the zodiacal light so head out of town, away from street lamps on a moonless night to observe it. It’s one more mesmerizing night sky phenomenon to add to your watching list!

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