Senja Island must see

The 5 must-see places on Senja island

Senja island must see

Senja island must see: The island is know for its astonishing northern light shows and rampant preserved nature. ‘Norway in miniature’ has so much to offer, and when you are visiting us, here are 5 places that you just must see from North to South.

You probably stay at the aurora borealis observatory

aurora borealis observatory

Other locations to visit: Husøy

midnight sun season

Husøy, the ‘house island’ in Norwegian, is a small island within the island. It is located in the Northern fjords of Senja island. This low rocky prominence is a curiosity of nature as it stands among some of the most rugged and highest mountains of Senja. The first settlers built a narrow dyke along with a road to connect Husøy to the main island. Today it simply looks like a rock emerging from the sea with a few colored houses on top. The inhabitants of the village mainly make a living off of fishing. On your way towards the western fjords, Husøy is definitely something you want to see. The road descending to the island is so picturesque as you get a plunging view on the fjord and the village itself. This is our favorite Senja island must see location.

Ersfjord and Tungenesset – Senja island must see most popular locations


Following the road west, you will come by Medfjord and another fishing village worth stopping at: Senjahoppen. However you’re just a few kilometers away from arguably the most beautiful and picturesque spot on Senja. After driving through a tunnel, you arrive at the bottom Ersfjord.


It’s quite a narrow fjord with high mountains protecting it from the dominant winds, and it’s not rare to have higher temperatures there. What a surprise when you get closer to the shore. Ersfjord village harbors a u-shaped white-sanded beach! In the summer time it is packed with people relaxing and camping. The beach calm turquoise waters make you feel like you are somewhere in the Indian ocean but the mountains remind you that you’re still within the arctic circle!


Senja Island must see

Hamn I senja

If you carry onto the 862 road to Skaland and Bergsbotn, you will eventually meet the famous viewing platform. After taking a few pictures there, continue on and turn right on the 86 towards Hamn i Senja. Hamn i Senja is a small hamlet built almost at sea level. The view there is more open than the northern fjords but the color of the water is absolutely crazy. Skaland and Hamn both offer excellent local food restaurants that you must try.


Sifjord and the Valley of Trolls

senja island milky way and aurora


Return back the same way on 86 towards Finnsnes. After two dozen kilometers you will find a small road on your right. It will first take you to the high plateaus of Senja. After a tunnel, you will land in what we call the Valley of Trolls, and for good reasons!

the valley

It’s a very narrow valley stuck between two high mountain ridges. There the rocks are a bit more unstable and small to medium size boulders come down and strew the side of the road. Moss and vegetation progressively grow on them, making them look like hair on a troll’s head. The valley’s road zigzags down to Sifjord, and from there you can visit the 5 different fjords of the west, offering and impressive array of scenic views.



Back on your steps and onto road 86, you can make a right on 860 right before entering Silsand. This will take you to the south part of the island. The south is less popular but no less stunning. It’s a total change of vegetation and landscape. The small road winds up and down along Senja’s ‘golden coast’. This side of the island gets the most light and sun, especially in the wintertime so if you are a photographer in search of astounding red sunsets, south is where you want to go. Plus it is very likely that you will cross path with wildlife such as eagles, moose and reindeers. Finally you arrive at Stonglandseidet.

stonglandseidet view

This charming village is built at the start of a peninsula that you ought to take a detour on. You can hike Leipollfjellet and get a stunning view on all the fjords and mountains around.

stonglandseidet hike

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