At the Aurora Borealis Observatory we are specialized in the Northern Lights experience. Our location is one of the best locations in the world for Aurora observations.
The Aurora is something you experience and observe in the evening and night time. However, there is a lot to do on our wonderful island even when the Northern Lights do not dance over the sky. 

Most of the activities are offered through local providers that we cooperate with, while certain activities are organized by us. We recommend you book your activities after your arrival because of the varying weather conditions we experience throughout the year.

PS: The various activity providers will pick you up and bring you back after completing the activity

Activity list - Aurora Husky

55 minutes away from us you will find Aurora Husky, one of our collaborators.
Transportation is included in price. Aurora husky pick you up from our location and bring you back afterwards.
Snow Mobile Tour

Dog Sledding

Sami Visit

Arctic Truck Ride


Nearby Activities

List of activities with execution at our location or in very close range. The activities are weather dependent and all will not be feasible all season
Photo Workshops
(On location)

Senja Husky
(10 minutes away from our location)

Sea Kayaking
(20 minutes away)

Snowshoing in the National park
(20 minutes away from our location)

National Scenic Route - Senja Island 
(starting from our location)

Viking Horses - Riding
(40 minutes away from our location)

Full Activity list
(Nearby activities list)